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About Us

NTegrity networks

Your Denver IT Support Team

NTegrity Networks is your local Denver IT support company offering a wide variety of support options regardless of the size of your team. From small solutions to enterprise systems, NTegrity Networks has well over 40 years of combined experience with commercial IT solutions.

You need to run your business, not let your business run you. So with this in mind, there is probably nothing worse than production being brought to a grinding halt due to technology issues. We understand, genuinely understand that for our customers, time is money and solutions need to be implemented in a quick and reliable fashion so that business can continue as normal.

Our partners have explained to us that they have retained NTegrity Networks as their IT Support Team because of the very personalized service that they receive. It is not uncommon to hear from our customers that they feel like our support team is an integral part of their organization. This is mainly due to the processes in place at NTegrity Networks. We strive to integrate seamlessly into our partners’ organization. We want to know how we can streamline your business and add solutions that are paramount to your processes and success.

So, NTegrity Networks is quite a bit different than our biggest competitors as we maintain a personal interest in each account and client that we work with. We authentically realize that IT support, solid, responsive and dependable support is what our customers rely on and so it is our mission to deliver just that.

Many of the businesses that we work with had previously managed their own “in-house” IT team. After working with our staff of IT experts, consultants and professionals, a good majority of these companies have learned just how beneficial and affordable it is to move to managed services where an in-house IT is no longer required in most scenarios. At the end of the day, any manager, business owner or other staff that work with the business’ technology in one form or the other, does not want to have to be concerned with any part of the IT systems working properly.

NTegrity Networks has been providing IT support to small and large businesses in the Denver Metro and Boulder Metro Areas since 1992. Since then, our major focus has been to provide comprehensive IT department services which is best suited for outsourcing all of your IT needs.