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How We Migrated a Denver Organization to a Remote Work Solution

How We Migrated a Denver Organization to a Remote Work Solution

Embracing Flexibility While Avoiding Risks

Our Denver-based client was looking to unlock the power and flexibility of a distributed, remote workforce. However, such a transformation involves a dramatic shift in the organization’s IT infrastructure, security integrity, and the ability to guarantee productivity. There was also the challenge of transitioning the workforce to the new structure without disrupting customer deliverables.

Building Out Remote Work Infrastructure

NTegrity Networks equipped employees with the hardware they’d need to work, installed new security tools like threat monitoring, and implemented collaboration software so that teams could still collaborate effectively. To ensure productivity, we also put in place robust reporting and analytics that would empower employees to accomplish projects and allow managers to make informed decisions.

Seamless Transition

Our team successfully navigated the transition and avoided the pitfalls that can come with reforms to operational structure—new security risks, lapses in productivity or teamwork, and customer-facing disruption. Today, NTegrity Networks continues to provide support and is well-positioned to implement new innovative technologies as soon as they are developed.

Delivering IT on the Cutting Edge

For over two decades, Ntegrity Networks has been at the forefront of IT innovation. Among the largest changes in recent years is the near- ubiquitous turn to incorporate remote work in various capacities, and businesses have come to trust our team to make their transitions feasible.

General Process, Custom Result

  1. Consultation and Needs Assessment
  2. Immediate and Strategic Roadmapping
  3. Implementation, Integration, and Migration
  4. Ongoing Support and Communication

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