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NTegrity Networks Services

Managed IT Services

We’re not just an IT company. We’re an end-to-end Managed Service Provider. That means you don’t have to pull together all the pieces of your IT solutions – we’ll take care of that for you. Our goal is to offer consistent, reliable solutions so you and your staff don’t have to spend time on IT problem-solving.

Network and System Monitoring

In today’s world, patches and updates happen frequently. We utilize a Remote Monitoring and Management system that allows us to not only see issues happen in real time – but also to anticipate challenges before they arise and address them before they elevate to true issues. We also employ a connection agent to each covered machine, making it possible for us to remote in and assist users – regardless of either parties’ location.

Managed Service Provider

Security Management

With so many people now working remotely, keeping your business information secure has brought a new challenge to the workplace. From password management to dedicated security devices and software, we can tailor a solution that’s exactly right for your business.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

It’s scary to think about what could happen if your server went down, or if, for some other unseen reason, you lost your data. Adding Backup and Disaster Recovery services to your plan is an added layer of security, like icing on the cake. You could live without it, but why?


Analytics and Reporting

Our system allows for reporting that can offer you insights into where your IT dollars are actually being spent. Tracking support hours and ticket sources becomes valuable information when it comes to budgeting for your organization. Our Client Portal offers different views on the data available to Ticket Managers (designated in our system); making it easy to report within your own company as well.

Our Managed Services offerings are built to make IT decision-making easy. We have three levels to choose from. Read on to learn what each level includes.

  • Efficiency
    • $ 45.95 Per Workstation
    • For smaller companies that don’t rely heavily on technology


      • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
      • Life Preserver
      • Remote Agent
      • Default Client Portal

Best choice
  • Balance
    • $ 69.95 Per Workstation
    • For businesses that rely on their technology


      Includes all Efficiency services, plus:

      • Patch Management
      • 50GB Workstation Backup & 100GB Server Backup
      • Web Protection
      • Client VPN/Remote Workforce
      • Password Management Portal
      • Custom Life Preserver
      • Custom Client Portal

  • Performance
    • $ 79.95 Per Workstation
    • For businesses that can never be
      without their tech


      Includes all Efficiency & Balance services, plus:

      • Additional 200GB Workstation Backup & 400GB Server Backup*

      *For a total of 250GB per workstation and 500GB per server

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